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768 to 959
480 to 767
480 or less

Tarrant County Medical Society




President, Ann E. Ranelle, DO

President-Elect, Linda Siy, MD

Vice President, David Donahue, MD

Secretary/Treasurer, Tilden L. Childs, III, MD

Past-President, Greg Phillips, MD



Chairman, Tom Wightman, MD

Greg Phillips, MD

Robert J. Rogers, MD


TMA Officers

Gary Floyd, MD

Board of Trustees


AMA Officers

Sue Bailey, MD

Speaker of the House


Arlington Medical Society

Theresa Crouch, MD, 


Northeast Branch Medical Society

Paul K. Kim, MD, President



Delegates to the TMA

Bohn D. Allen, MD

Susan Rudd Bailey, MD

Stephen L. Brotherton, MD

Hugh Lamensdorf, MD

Gary W. Floyd, MD

Gregory M. Fuller, MD

Larry E. Reeves, MD

Brett Beavers

Jason V. Terk, MD

Tilden L. Childs III., MD

Jay Nandalal Yepuri, MD

Joane G. Baumer, MD

Susan K. Blue, MD

James S. Cox, MD

David Donahue, MD

Michael G. Enger, MD

R. Larry Marshall, MD

Luis H. Martinez, MD

G. Sealy Massingill, MD

Shirley L. Molenich, MD

Woody V. Kagelar, MD

Stuart C. Pickell, MD

Robert J. Rogers, MD

Christopher S. Ewin, MD

Josephine Fowler, MD

Ann Ranelle, DO

Mark M. Shelton, MD

Linda Siy, MD

Tom Wightman, MD

James R. Winn, MD

Joe M. Todd, MD

David Turbeville, MD

Michael Wimmer, MD

Hujefa Vora, MD

Terance J. McCarthy, MD

Gregory J. Phillips, MD

Angela Bentle, MD

Cheryl Hurd, MD

Lydia Essary, MD

Kim Higgins, DO

Donnie Dolce, MD

Miguel De Valdenebro, MD

Shanna M. Combs, MD

Shanna J. Brown, MD 


Tarrant County Academy of Medicine


Board of Directors

Craig Kneten, MD, President

Angela Bentle, MD

Theresa Crouch, MD

Gary Floyd, MD

G. Sealy Masssingill, MD