The Tarrant County Academy of Medicine's (TCAM) Ethics Consortium is a diverse, non-partisan group of people interested in health care and ethics. 


Our mission is to seek to improve the health and well-being of the diverse communities that make up North Texas by informing them about the application of ethical values to current healthcare issues through educational programming and advocacy efforts that encourage civil conversation and dialog.

About the Consortium

The Tarrant County Academy of Medicine's Ethics Consortium functions under the auspices of the Tarrant County Medical Society. However, unlike other medical society committees, many of its members come from outside the parent organization. This is intentional. We believe that medical ethics is a community endeavor and, as such, requires engagement from the larger community to be effective. To that end, our members include not just physicians but lawyers, chaplains, nurses, social workers, educators (both medical and non-medical, e.g., school of business and education) and health care administrators to name a few. Our monthly meetings cover a wide range of topics relevant to the ethical practice of medicine in our community. The discussions are robust, informative and occasionally result in community engagements via op-ed articles or educational programming. May of these initiatives are ad hoc, but we also offer an annual symposium called Healthcare in a Civil Society.

Ethics Consortium