Gold-Headed Cane Award Ballot

The TCMS Gold-Headed Cane award is given annually to an outstanding member who has made a significant impact on our medical community. 

This year, members of TCMS nominated 15 different physicians for this award. They are listed on the below ballot, along with voting instructions. You can send it to TCMS by mail or email (all contact information is provided on the ballot).

The ballot will be available on the TCMS website, in the Tarrant County Physician, and in TCMS NewsFlashes throughout the entire voting period.

Supporting statements have been provided for each nominated physician – you can find them below.

The deadline for voting is July 18, 2022. The ballots must be received by this date.

Gold-Headed Cane Award Ballot

Supporting Statements for Award Candidates

All TCMS members are eligible to vote. Traditionally, no campaigning is conducted by the candidate or any supporter. If you have any questions, please contact Melody Briggs at