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Struggles & Triumphs

A History of the Tarrant County Medical Society - Beginnings & Birth
By Margie Peschel, MD

Our lives are made of story: stories of the past, stories of work and experiences, stories of family and friends, stories of struggles, and stories of triumphs. The story of doctors and the Tarrant...

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A Part of the Exodus

My Journey Through Medicine

By Angela Self, MD

I remember being in medical school and imagining what my life would be like after I finished training. I would picture the conversations I would have with my patients, and envisioned what my...

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President's Paragraph

Opt In: Educate
By David J. Donahue, MD

The TMA/TCMS membership dues statements will arrive in your mailbox soon.  Please renew!  When you do, “Opt in” to TEXPAC by checking the TEXPAC entry on your dues statement...

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Of Interest

Fort Worth Medical Visionary Dies


Dr. John Geesbreght, an emergency medicine physician who practiced in Fort Worth for over 40 years, passed away suddenly on August 4th. Dr. Geesbreght had a huge impact on both our community and our medical society, using his passion for emergency...

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Losing Ground in Disease Prevention Battle


Dr. Jason Terk joined with other physicians to discuss the impact of Texas’ low vaccination rates that have resulted from skepticism about the safety and effectiveness of immunization. Physicians highlighted both the current dangers we are...

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